No. 266 Leyland Tiger Cub

Leyland Tiger Cub

From 1953 6 Royal Tiger's were purchased, these were supplemented by the 6 Tiger cubs from 1955.

 Built to an unusual design of having a front entrance and rear open platform exit, the bodywork was by Park Royal. Chassis no. 553657 It was built to high specification, with observation windows in the sides of the roof, with the intention of being used on tourist routes during the summer months.

RRU 903 entered service on 18th August. Originally seating for 41, which was reduced to 40 in January 1956 in order to provide extra luggage space. It was converted to one man operation in December 1957, when the open rear platform was filled in, increasing capacity to 42.

In 1958 she was re-numbered No. 98

As 131, once owned by Mac Cooper, she was originally presserved at the Aston Manor Museum in the Midlands. On his death she was sold to the BPTA, and then purchased by us in 2007. After being in storage since the 80's she is now back on the road.

Much TLC has taken place over the years, floor repaired, new floor covering, internal repaint, seats recovered.

living just north of Keighley, she is seen at rallies up north, her last outing was ay Dewsbury.


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