My Obsession

The Origins of my Fleet

As many of my friends will tell you, it is practically impossible to meet a more UN mechanical person than me, so the simple question may be how have I ended up with a fleet of five preserved buses???

I think of it as one of those mid-life crisis kind of things! When I got to the great age of 40 I suddenly found myself bored one day and on the phone to Bournemouth Yellow Buses. The receptionist was a little taken a-back when I first enquired whether they had any vehicles for preservation and she said she would find out and get back to me, she never did.

A few weeks later, bored again, I thought I would give it one more try. This time a young gentleman informed me that they were selling a number of buses and he would get back to me.

The next day I was contacted and informed that they had a number of open toppers for sale, and fourteen Dennis Dominators. I explained my mid life crisis to him, and he told me that if I sent him a deposit of £500 he would reserve the best of the 14 for me, at which point he offered me an open topper as well.

A short time later I drove to Bournemouth to confirm the deal, not really certain that I wanted the two. Halfway down the line of vechiles for disposal was a rather sad looking open topper, the roof had been put back on, but it still contained the remnants of its last duty of service, as a tree lopper. I fell for it straight away and said that I would buy both.

So that was how it all started. I certainly never had any idea what I was getting into, or what or why I was doing what I was, but then again most people that know me would tell you that this was nothing new! It has certainly been fun, if at times not a little stressful!

I just hope that when it is my turn to pass them on, someone will want to look after them for future, as I have done.

A Very Big Thanks

The past few years have been a very steep learning curve and while difficult I am pleased to say that along the way I have met some really great Guys and in particular one Great girl.

The restoration of these buses is due in no small part to Jack and Sherry Parsons. Without them 159, 266 and 925 would certainly not be on the road. Jacks dedication and importance to detail are very, very much appreciatted. I cannot thank him enough, I just hope that I can persuade him to take on 131 sometime in the future......

Sadly Sherry was taken from us all far too young, and we all miss here greatly, but she will always be with us and I am sure she look down on us with a big smile.

Phil Powers, Jacks apprentice, also helps greatly, and they both have just finished repainting 230, with 925, our two Atlanteans, will be busy in 2017. 

Peter at Winkely is also very important to keeping these historic vehicles on the road, it is down to him that 159 and 266 are working and back on the road after long term storage. He is currently working on doing the same for 131.

I am indebted to my small group of friends, who share the love of buses, althougth down here they do seem to favour Devon General, they have begun to realise that Bournemouth is Best. 

John Beer and Rupert are always with us when we need them, sadly Johns sat nav is not too good at times.

John Stephnenson joined us in 2016,and thank fully ensured 262 had a busy year with rallies and outings.

Both 266 and 167 now reside in Gods own County of Yorkshire. Restoration and jobs are always needed, and I would like to thank Ashley Blackman for his assistance and knowledge. Thank fully he always seems to find that part that is needed or know someone who does.

I am indebited to Neil Halliday, Don, Mckeon, Peter, Mark Colon, Chris Coultas and Andy Rawnsley ensuring those up North can see the splendor of all things Yellow. 


A Very BIG Thank You goes to Richard McAllister, who has become a great friend and help, his help and advice is always there, but why he wants to take 262 to Barnsley I do question.

Thanks musy also go to my new freinds in Bournemouth, who with we are planning a BOURNEMOUTH Bus Rally on 10th June 2017. THIS IS REALLY EXCITING.

Derek, of AVON Motors in Paignton keeps the old girls on the road, and he is a great great help.

Thanks must also go to Dan Shears, always there to help, is much appriciated


However there have been lots of lows during this time, and along the way people who I have thought were my friends have turned out bad, unfortunatley only in the restoration business for their own good. One gentleman in particular has still owes me many thousands of pounds, and I intend to hound him as long as it takes. This process has taught be to wiser, but sadly it has left me less trusting.

To date the best days have been when all four vehicles have been on show together, that has not happened often, but when it has its been fun, and heres to the day when all five meet up for the first time, hopefully in 2017, AND PERHAPS 6 on 10th June 

Many Thanks to all involved, and apologies to you I have not mentioned anybody I should have.

Who knows hopefully one day there may be 8 in the fleet