Yellow Buses Devon

An Introduction
MSJ 499 By the Seaside

Welcome to the home of Bournemouth Yellow Buses in Devon. Images being uploaded when they can! Please contact me if you have any images you would be happy for me to display on this site !! 




Bournemouth is a very special place, particually if you were born there like me. If you are lucky enough to live or work there, or just visit for a holiday then you will know that it is a place that still retains a great deal of Civic Pride. A visit today will quickly show you that Bournemouth people are confident of its future and very proud of its Past.

Anyone who knows Bournemouth remembers is for a number of special reasons. For one its beautiful golden soft sand and the two piers at Boscombe and Bournemouth, Boscombe being pictured above. The wooded Chines stretching down to the sea and the Pavillion. The now sadly lost Winter Gardens and Baths. Beales, Bealsons and Bobbys along with the great Kings and Queens Parks, seen here. The candlelight illuminations in Summer in the Dean Park and the Bird Cage Walk are memories of an unforgettable place.

Before 1836 Bournemouth did not exist, it was founded by a group of wealthly land owners who decided to develop a small town between Christchurch and Poole. It became so popular that it soon outgrew its older established neighbours.

As I have mentioned earlier I am proud to have been born in Bournemouth, when it was in Hampshire, in 1965. I feel displaced now that it is in Dorset.

I have nothing but happy memories of travelling on both the trolleybuses and the buses, as a child always having to sit upstairs in order to get the best view of the area.

I remember travelling on a trolleybus in the Cavalcade on their last day of operation on 20th April 1969, with my father. I asked him why they were being scrapped, and he was not able to offer me a proper reason, at least not proper enough for a four year old.

Whenever we return one of the most exciting and rewarding sights for me is to see a glorious yellow double decker bus coming towards you, at that point I know I am home.